what jobs can you get with neuroscience degree?

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What careers are available with a neuroscience degree?

  • Pharma Companies:
  • You can do research on coming up with new treatments and drugs for diseases.
  • Advising:
  • You can adv


What are the qualifications to get a job in neuroscience?

What are the qualifications to get a job in neuroscience? Neuroscientist Requirements:A Doctor of Philosophy degree for purely research work.A Medical degree and the successful completion of a residency and fellowship in clinical Neuroscience to practice clinical work.A license and certification to practice Neuroscience in a clinical setting …


What are the top paying careers in neuroscience?

  • neural feedback
  • cognitive sciences
  • brain mapping
  • artificial neural network
  • biological neural networks
  • machine learning
  • deep learning
  • blue brain project
  • neuro machine translations
  • neural coding


What can you do with a neuroscience degree?

You may also want to look for work experience opportunities at organisations, such as:

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • charities supporting people with neurological issues
  • government departments
  • contract research organisations.


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