What is the dress code at the Kenya School of law?

What is the dress code at the Kenya School of law?

Class Supervisors and ATP Lecturers shall stop any student not conforming to the formal dress code and shall not be allowed into the School compound/lecture halls until proper dress code is complied with. The Kenya School of Law is a non-smoking zone. Upon registration every student shall be issued with a student identity card.

What is Kenyans Law School known for?

Kenya school of law is one of the most established law schools in the country. The school is known for producing highly capable lawyers most of who are in the law society of Kenya. This is for students with a passion for becoming highly sort after lawyers. The Kenya school of law is one of the best schools to actualize that dream.

Can the average Kenyan afford to study law in Kenya?

It is no good to enrol in a school you cannot manage to pay the fees. However, the school of law does not have exaggerated fees. Any average Kenyan can, therefore, afford to pursue their courses.

What are the rules and regulations of dress code in schools?

There are so many rules and regulations, when it comes to dressing in an educational sector, there are rules and guiding factors that talk about how a student should behave, how a student should conduct himself or herself, how a student should dress and how a student should relate with other students.

LAW SCHOOL DRESS CODE – The Gentleman In Skirt

Aug 22, 2012 · August 22, 2012. The dress code is taken very seriously here in the law school to the extent that everyone is inspected every morning before going into to the lecture hall to see if it is complied with. Right from the very 1st day of the course we were already been checked even though no one had really told us what exactly is or is not allowed.


Dec 02, 2013 · The revised Dress Code provides that all dress must be modest and of a nature that lends itself to the dignity of the legal profession. The Dress Code bars female lawyers from wearing revealing clothes including sleeveless shirts or dresses. Advocates are expected maintain a neat appearance.

Advocates Training Program – Kenya School of Law

Dress Code. The School shall maintain a strict dress code for students, which shall be formal. Formal implies EXCLUDING the following: T-shirts, jeans, miniskirts, skimpy and low cleavage, track-suits, spaghetti tops &tumbocut blouses, peddle pushers, hot pants, vests, etc

Kenya Supreme Court rules school dress codes can …

Jan 25, 2019 · The Supreme Court of Kenya ruled on Thursday that schools can regulate their dress codes to ensure uniform compliance. This ruling overturns a 2016 court of appeals decision that affirmed Muslim girls could wear hijab and trousers at school “as a manifestation, practice and observance of their religion consistent with Article 32 of the Constitution of Kenya and …

Kenya School of Law Fee Structure – Victor Matara

Jan 25, 2022 · Term 1. Application fee: Ksh 2,000 payable once. Tuition fees per subject: Ksh 7,500 – 4 units per term. (Total Ksh 30,000) Library fee: Ksh 5,000 payable once. Examination per unit Course: Ksh 3,000 – 4 units per term. ( Total Ksh 12,000)

KSL dress code – Kenya School of Law Diaries

Oct 11, 2016 · NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 5 – A law student has sued Council of Legal Education for changing the structure of the final examination offered at the Kenya School of Law. Through the young, maverick lawyer Jason Ogoti, the applicant one Nyambira Oguta argued that the CLE has increased the number of questions without increasing the time…. Read More.

Kenya School of Law Entry Requirements – Victor Matara

Feb 28, 2020 · 1. An applicant from a recognized University must have obtained an LL.B degree or become eligible for conferment of one. 2. An applicant who holds or is eligible for conferment of an LL.B degree from a foreign university must first have obtained clearance from the Council of Legal Education (CLE) before applying for the examinations.

Petition 10 of 2019 – Kenya Law – Kenya Law Reports

1 “Every parent whose child is-; (a) Kenyan, or. (b) resides in Kenya; Shall ensure that the child attends regularly as a pupil at a school or such other institution as may be authorized and prescribed by the Cabinet Secretary for purposes of principal, mental, intellectual or social development of the child. 34.

JUDICIAL DRESS CODE IN KENYA Undoubtedlyjudicial …

After multiple deliberations involving the stakeholders ( i.e judges,lawyers and members of the public) the following was decided Two kinds of design to be developed one functional dress when hearing cases – light green in colour. A ceremonial piece for occasions; There would be no wigs or head gear of any type; Advocates appearing before the Supreme Court would be expected to …

LSK DRESS CODE… – Kenya School of Law Library | …

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