What is the California POST Program?

What is the California POST Program?

California POST provides in-service and specialized training videos to law enforcement agencies in the California POST program. POST training videos are designed to assist law enforcement training managers and instructors in meeting specific training needs or legislative mandates for their agency.

How do I apply for post basic training in California?

Eligible academies must contact the POST Basic Training Bureau at (916) 227-3935. Plan: N/A. No POST financial reimbursement Visit POST Training Videos for ordering and other information or go to CA POST Learning Portal.

Where can I find CA post training videos?

Visit POST Training Videos for ordering and other information or go to CA POST Learning Portal. “Designed to help peace officers understand the processes that can lead a person to support and pursue terrorist violence as a method to effect social change (“”radicalization””).

What is PostPost training?

POST (Petroleum Oriented Safety Training) is a petroleum-industry-based online community. We have established a resource centre for online training. We offer HR tools, documents, and forms to help your company maintain a safe work environment. Call us at 1-866-360-6722 or email our office at [email protected]

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Bias and Racial Profiling – California Commission on POST …

After viewing the video, you will see an ”Email Notification” link that will generate a “Verification of Viewing” that you may email to your Racial Profiling-qualified training manager/facilitator to let them know you have completed viewing the video and are ready to discuss it. Requires: A minimum Internet speed of 0.450 Mbps (450Kbps).

Proctor Training for POST Basic Courses – California

Jun 01, 2020 · California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requires formal proctor training for tests administered in the basic courses. The proctor training is designed to ensure that the individuals administering the tests are trained in the proper security and/or administration procedures for the respective tests. Training Procedure D-1 Basic Training, outlines which …

Learning Portal Training that Meets Mandates – post.ca.gov

Jan 28, 2022 · Learning Portal Training that Meets Mandates. Training that meets some mandates is available on the POST Learning Portal. To be completed every two years. To be completed every two years. Within 18 months of assignment to field or investigative duties; peace officer at a supervisory level and below.

Ca Post Online Training Portal – March 2022

Post Ca Gov Learning Portal Courses – online-courses-free.com Posted: (10 days ago) POST Training Videos – California. Courses Details: POST training video programs are available free of charge online at the POST Learning Portal (streaming) or on DVD format to law enforcement agencies and Basic Training Academies in the California POST program.

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Sep 17, 2021 · With a PASS account, you can use one password to access POST’s online services – including your POST Profile, Continuing Professional Training (CPT) status, and news customized for your location and occupation

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POST Sites. POST.ca.gov; Course Catalog; Learning Portal; EDI; Instructor Resume Builder; Sign In Create Account E mail: P assword: SHOW HIDE. CAPSLOCK key is turned on! Sign In Reset Password Technical support: 1 (877) 275-5872 or [email protected] Home; Back to Top;

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This course focuses on the most common questions from those new to search warrants. Students will learn how to get started writing a search warrant, the parts of an affidavit, and what happens after the search warrant is written and signed. Scenario-based interactions provide opportunities to practice with location descriptions, property …

Training – California

Oct 08, 2021 · Course Catalog — Find POST-certified training courses throughout California. Learning Portal — Learn new skills and support your professional development. By Occupation Peace Officers. Training requirements and training resources for Police Officers, Deputies, Investigators, Detectives, and Supervisors. Information on the Field Training / Police Training …

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