What does CLC stand for in lactation?

What does CLC stand for in lactation?

The Certified Lactation Counselor®, (CLC) certification is the premier National Certification in Lactation Management for the United States. Hush Little Baby has a team of Certified Lactation Counselors that can provide newborn care in addition to lactation services.

How to become a certified lactation educator?

Attend a CLE ® training (register below)Enroll in CAPPA Academy at cappa.net (additional coursework and investment)Take the online exam (over 95% passing rate)

Do you need a lactation consultant?

Lactation consultants not only deal with a current issue, but can help prepare you for what to expect in the coming weeks and days. Here’s how to tell if you need one, who’s at high risk for lactation issues, and so many other details you should know.

What is a certified lactation consultant?

What does a CBC, CLC, or IBCLC do?Support a breastfeeding parentRun breastfeeding classes and support groupsProvide education on lactation, breastfeeding, and breastmilkWork in hospitals, clinics or private practiceEvaluate the breastfeeding dyad to help a client understand whether the baby is effectively transferring milk from the breast

Lactation Credentials – Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition

Certified Lactation Counselor® (CLC®) is granted by the Center for Breastfeeding Education after completion of a five-day training that provides comprehensive breastfeeding management with a strong focus on counseling skills. A CLC can provide basic breastfeeding education and support.

WIC Lactation Support and Breastfeeding Peer Counselors …

The CLC training course is a 45 hour course designed to provide up-to-date evidence based information regarding lactation and counseling. CLC’s are qualified to support normal breastfeeding and help with basic breastfeeding difficulties.


Montana Critical Access Hospitals are eligible for a 4-hour free Breastfeeding “Train the Trainer” Training for your facility staff. Montana Breastfeeding Support Specific and CLC cont’ available with training. More information HERE Upcoming Trainings 2022 MT Breastfeeding Conference Virtual – May 2 & 3, 2022 Apply for scholarship HERE

Lactation Education Resources – About CERPs

CERPs are Continuing Education Recognition Points especially for lactation consultants. Programs that are eligible to give CERPs will state so in their promotional materials. You may obtain CERPs from conferences and workshops or online education ( www.lactationtraining.com ). To obtain additional information go to the IBLCE website.

ALPP – CLC Certification | Become a Certified Lactation …

The Certified Lactation Counselor® (CLC®) certification identifies a professional in lactation counseling who has demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to provide clinical breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding or who have questions or problems during the course of breastfeeding/lactation.

Maternal and Infant Lactation Knowledge (MILK) …

Feb 26, 2021 · What these trainings can do is help you complete some of your required education: they usually provide about half of the required 90 hours of lactation-specific education that are needed to become an IBCLC. Many people use these courses to partially fulfill their lactation-specific education hours.

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Ninety-five hours of lactation-specific education … in some ways, it’s the heart and soul of your preparation for the IBCLC exam. Your ability to answer the 175 questions you face in the exam will depend in large part on what you learn during this part of your training. Welcome back to the Certification Playbook.

Online Continuing Education for Lactation Professionals …

May 19, 2021 · Continuing Education for Lactation Consultants As Lactation Consultants, it’s important for us to stay up to date on the latest research, best practices, and global perspectives. Not only are we empowered with new skills, but we can directly see the impact on our clients breastfeeding outcomes.

CLC Certification – Healthy Children Project, Inc.

CLC certification means that a person has received training and competency verification in breastfeeding and human lactation support, including assessing the latching and feeding process, providing corrective interventions, counseling mothers, understanding and applying knowledge of milk production including in special circumstances and other commonly encountered situations.

Lactation Counselor Training Course – Healthy Children …

The Center for Breastfeeding’s Lactation Counselor Training Course is a college-level course designed to provide up-to-date, research-based information and clinical competency validation for the provision of professional lactation care.

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