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An online degree in supply chain and logistics provides students with a fundamental understanding of the flow of goods and services in business operations. Supply chain and logistics management programs train students to procure, plan and monitor the movement of goods, supplies and services. Because of their importance in fields as diverse as manufacturing, health care, and information technology, supply chains are critical to production and consumption.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that logistics jobs will grow by 5 percent from 2018. The BLS also reports that these professionals earn median annual salaries approaching $75,000. They typically find the highest levels of employment in government settings, corporate and business management, and consulting services.

An online bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics gives students expertise in the entire supply cycle. Students learn to apply theories and practices to optimize the efficiency of existing supply chains, use technology to track and manage inventory, and develop strategies to improve logistics functions.

This guide ranks the top supply chain and logistics bachelor’s degrees in the country. We also discuss other important information for prospective students, including how to choose an online program and potential careers and salaries for graduates.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics?
Most bachelor’s degrees in supply chain and logistics are completed in four years of full-time study. Students must complete general education, major and elective requirements. Online supply chain and logistics programs may also require an internship or field course, which students can often complete at an approved local site.

What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics?
Graduates of a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics can plan, manage and implement the movement of goods, information, services and supplies. They can work in a variety of fields such as healthcare, government, retail and manufacturing.

How much would I make in supply chain and logistics?
According to the BLS, logisticians earn an average annual salary of just over $78,000, and the top 10% of earners earn an average annual salary of over $124,000.

What is supply chain and logistics?
Supply chain and logistics refers to the movement of goods, services and supplies within organizations or from one entity to another. Supply chain and logistics professionals bridge the gap between consumers and producers, distributing inventory in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What is a bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics?
A bachelor’s degree in supply chain and logistics introduces students to the basic theories and practices of the field through approximately 120 hours of coursework. The curriculum emphasizes business concepts, such as accounting, finance, and marketing, as well as the fundamentals of procurement, supplier selection, and inventory and warehouse management.



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