how far can i hit a 52 degree wedge?

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When to use a 52 degree wedge?

When To Use A 52 Degree Wedge: Top 4 Situations

  • When you are at the distance between your pitching wedge and sand wedge
  • When you want the comfort of a wedge for chipping, but less loft than a sand wedge or lob wedge.
  • On longer bunker shots around the green.
  • Into the wind from around 120 yards and in.


What type of wedge is 52 degrees?

The 52 degree wedge is also known as a gap wedge because, unlike other 4 degree loft differences between each club, and the 52 degree wedge provides the ability to cut the 8 degree difference between the 48 and 56 in your bag.


How far should you hit Your wedges?

You’ll need a 50 degree wedge in the following situations:

  • You do a lot of chipping or pitching near the greens.
  • You have a yardage gap of approximately 25 yards or more with the present golf clubs in your bag.
  • You hit even and better strokes with your gap wedge than a club.
  • You play full-swing approach shots.


What is the average distance of a sand wedge?

The sand wedge distance is 40 to 60, 90-100 and 100-110 yards as per the categories mentioned above. You can use these wedges to hit out of bunkers. To learn more about the bunker distances for these clubs, visit our bunker distances page.


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