can you get into politics without a degree?

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What degree do you need to become a politician?

The best place to start is by enrolling in a college or university with a Bachelor’s in Political Science degree program. This type of program will give you a good foundation in the basics of government and politics. When you graduate, you will be well prepared to take the next step in your journey to becoming a politician.


Do you need a college degree to work for the government?

Fortunately, there are a variety of state and federal government jobs you can apply for regardless of if you have a college degree or not. Some positions may require work experience or training, and requirements may vary from state to state.


Is it worth getting another degree to work in politics?

Further education vs work experience For working in politics, unless you want to be an academic I’m not convinced getting another degree is better than getting work experience.


How do I start a career in politics?

Here are some specific steps you can take to get involved in politics: Become qualified. Volunteer. Join a party. Get involved in local government. Run for office. Stay informed. 1. Become qualified Before you can pursue a political career, you will need to know whether or not you are qualified.


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