can you get hr certification without a degree?

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Do I need a human resources certification?

Yes, it’s true that anyone can gain more skills and advance their career without getting certified. However, there’s really no replacing the hands-on knowledge and practical skills you gain through a human resources certification course. I understand the challenges of assembling, developing, and retaining a talented pool of workers.


Do HR managers need a degree in human resources?

Some companies go far as to require their HR managers to have an advanced degree. The reason most employers expect their HR managers to have considerable experience in human resources is that the HR professional must understand many areas of HR in order to make the appropriate decisions to support the overall objectives of a company.


Is an HR management certification worth it?

HR management is a diverse field of study and a single certification might not provide all the skills you need to become a high-level HR management expert. However, a certification can lend some invaluable knowledge (and credentials) that a regular degree may not deliver.


Is there a universal human resource certification?

There is no universal human resource certification because each one will depend on what type you’re looking for. In the blog post above, we went over some of the common certifications and types from HR management to HR professional. What are the best HR certifications?


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