can you get a culinary degree online?

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Can I attend culinary school through an online program?

Several of the best culinary arts schools offer an online option; including Le Cordon Bleu and the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh. Most online course offerings cater to those who want to move into restaurant or hotel management. Theory courses work well online.


What is the highest degree you can get in culinary school?

Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts A master’s degree is the highest degree you can get in culinary arts. You might be asking if a master’s degree is worth it. The master’s program is for students who know they want to reach the highest echelons of the culinary world.


How to get into a good culinary school?

People who went to culinary school: was it worth it?

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  • Had some dough left over
  • New sous here, I do the dessert specials. …
  • Hoison braised short ribs with black garlic polenta, kale, and jus.
  • Warm Tomato Burrata Crostini


What courses are needed to get into culinary school?

  • Introduction to Hospitality Industry (Th.)
  • Basics of Food Production (Th.)
  • Basics of Food & Beverage Service (Th.)
  • Introduction to Front office and Accommodation (Th.)
  • Communication Skills- (Th.)
  • Culinary Skills I (Pr.)
  • Baking Skills I (Pr.)
  • Restaurant Service (Pr.)
  • Indian Cuisine (Th.)
  • Regional & Staple Food (Th.)


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