can you become an artist without a degree?

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What can I do as an artist without a degree?

10 Careers for Artists Without a Degree (Find a Job, Quickly!) Art Director. Do you have the ability to communicate ideas through various types of visual art and good at design? Technical Writer. Industrial Designer. Fashion Designer. Multimedia Artist or Animator.


Should you go to school to be an artist?

Going to school seems like the obvious choice for any wannabe artist. But being an artist means coming up with new ways to express yourself . Classes in art school often focus on learning about other artists ’ styles, techniques, and history. You’ll spend time studying different art movements or replicating famous artworks.


What if I don’t go to art school?

If you decide not to go to art school, you’ll need to find other resources to help you learn. Here is everything you’ll need to learn how to become a professional artist: There are some great, low-cost resources out there for amateur artists. I recommend studying affordable online courses to help boost your skills.


How to become an art therapist?

First of all, you need to get your bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as in art therapy which requires a good portfolio of artworks. Also, you need to enroll in an internship to get plenty of experience. Moreover, consider the fact that some states require a license to perform as an art therapist.


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