can you become an actuary with a math degree?

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What can I do with an actuarial degree?

What is an Actuary?

  • Determine the amount a company charges for auto insurance, considering factors regarding the automobile and driver
  • Create life insurance products that give parents peace of mind that if something happened to them, their children would be taken care of
  • Help companies establish retirement plans for their employees


What degree do I need to be an actuary?


  • Analysing and managing uncertainty;
  • Financial and mathematical modelling, including mortality and morbidity rates;
  • Evaluating financial consequences;
  • Analysis of risk and risk management;
  • Scientific pricing and reserving techniques;
  • Asset/liability management;
  • Overall financial management, and


Can I become an actuary with a mathematics degree?

You can major in anything in college and become an actuary. You do need a math background in order to pass the actuarial exams but those exams are given outside the University or college you attend. So wherever you go to college, you’ll need to take some serious math including 4 semesters of calculus and 2 of probability and statistics.


What is college math do Actuaries need to know?

  • An actuary is a professional who uses math and statistics to analyze risk and probability to help ensure companies remain profitable.
  • An actuary creates risk categories that companies use to avoid undesirable outcomes.
  • Actuaries design models to minimize the damage when undesirable events do occur.


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