can you become an accountant with a business administration degree?

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What can you do with an accounting and Business Administration degree?

The accounting degree typically prepares students for a career as an accountant or auditor, although some students use this degree to earn other roles in business. The business administration degree typically prepares students for a career as a manager or finance professional. Some common job titles for accounting degree graduates include:


How can I become an accountant with an accounting degree?

You can either simply take more accounting classes at the undergraduate level or you can apply for a graduate-level business degree like an MBA. Once in the graduate program, simply take as many applicable accounting courses as you can.


What is a BBA degree in accounting?

Common bachelor’s degrees in accounting include the B.S. in accounting, the B.A. in accounting, and the BBA in accounting. Here, we take a look at the BBA. What does BBA stand for? The BBA is a Bachelor of Business Administration; different concentrations are available, including accounting.


What is a Bachelor in Business Administration degree?

Business administration degrees focus on business management and operations. Students take courses on economics and may take a few accounting classes, but the majority of their education is on management and business strategies. These degrees can help prepare an aspiring finance professional for a career in business or accounting.


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