can you become a lawyer with a sociology degree?

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Is it possible to do law with a sociology degree?

And yet the average LSAT score of sociology majors is on It’s possible to do law with any undergraduate degree. The problem with sociology is that sociology majors, as a group, don’t do too well on LSAT, which makes it hard for them to get into decent schools.


What kind of legal jobs are there with a sociology degree?

Many Legal Careers Available. People who have completed a sociology bachelor’s degree should review legal careers they find attractive and then enroll in an appropriate legal education program. Legal careers are usually conducted in one of three work settings: law firms, the criminal justice system, and federal, state and local government agencies.


Do you need a law degree to become an attorney?

One doesn’t need any college degree, as far as these States are concerned. Those with no law school can apprentice with a practicing attorney or judge. Now, getting a job in a big Firm is another story — some big Firms require Law degrees, and some even require Law degrees from specific Universities.


What is sociology of law?

A field called sociology of law, also known as socio-legal studies, became a recognized subspecialty within sociology in the 1930s. Two divisions of the American Sociological Association, the Section on Crime, Law and Deviance and the Section on Sociology of Law, reflect sociologists’ continuing research on legal careers and other legal topics.


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