can you become a data scientist without a quantitative degree?

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How to become a data scientist without a degree?

How to Become a Data Scientist Without a Degree? 1 1. Gain Necessary Prerequisite Knowledge. Data Science is a vast field that stems from multiple disciplines of Mathematics, Computer Science and … 2 2. Learn Data Science. 3 3. Explore real-time Case Studies. 4 4. Work on live projects. 5 5. Get Certified. More items


What are the educational requirements to become a data analyst?

Your academic background is in a quantitative field such as Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Mathematics/Statistics, Engineering, Economics or Physics. Advanced degree preferred. BS, MS, or PhD in an appropriate technology field (Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math, Econometrics, Operations Research).


Should I get a master’s degree in quantitative analytics?

If you find that you are not finding success with the two pieces of advice above, I recommend looking into a Master’s program in a quantitative field (computer science, statistics, math, analytics, etc…) Personally, I chose to enroll in Georgia Tech’s Master of Science in Analytics program for a number of reasons:


Why data science is a good career option?

Data science is more of a practical field, in which to attain the true knowledge you have to actually solve real problems by working on live projects. You will get hands-on experience in solving real-world problems and this will improve your Data Science skills.


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