can i be a judge without a law degree?

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Does a judge have to have a law degree?

While many judges begin their legal careers as lawyers, holding a law degree is not always a requirement for serving as a judge. Whether you must be a lawyer before serving as a judge depends on the requirements of the jurisdiction where you will serve.


Which court must have law degrees?

  • Henry Baldwin
  • Ward Hunt
  • Levi Woodbury – first justice to have attended law school


Do all judges have a law degree?

The U.S. Constitution, which provides for the appointment of Federal Judges, provides no legal requirement for that nominee or appointed Judge to have a law degree. In many States, the law does require that a Judge have a law degree. Some do not.


Can I become a lawyer without a law degree?

It’s possible to become a practicing lawyer without going to law school in some states. Most lawyers do attend law school, but there are some advantages to avoiding it if you can manage it. You’ll avoid the high cost of law school and perhaps gain more on-the-ground experience shadowing a working lawyer.


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· A Juris Doctor degree here will set you back $46,808. Similarly, the Southern University Law Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana will accept you with a 3.00 GPA and 144 LSAT score. A J.D. title from here is a bit cheaper — $16,000 for residents and $28,000 for non-residents of the state of Louisiana.

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