can a degree be revoked after graduation?

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Can an university rescind your degree after graduation?

Think again. Colleges can, and do, rescind a degree if there is ANY misrepresentation on the application. They can, at any time AFTER graduation demand information for an investigation, not providing information means rescinding the degree.


When should colleges revoke an honorary degree?

Revocation of an honorary degree has risen to the forefront again, occasioned by the recent arrest of Bill Cosby for sexual assault in Pennsylvania in a case for which the statute of limitations has not yet expired. In his lifetime, Cosby has received somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 honorary degrees, and three dozen higher education institutions have not, as of now, rescinded them.


Can You Renounce your college degree?

You can’t “give up” an earned degree. Sorry. However, you don’t have to tell anyone that you have that degree except in very limited circumstances such as when applying for studies at another college or university, or when applying for a job that requires that you list all of your degrees.


How do you get your license back if its revoked?

  • this includes answering or paying fines imposed for traffic tickets
  • you cannot receive approval if your license is suspended as well as revoked
  • to check if your license is suspended, sign up for MyDMV and use our MyLicense service


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· Even if the school’s report recommends her Ph.D. be revoked, there’s still time to fight and challenge it. However, it’s very likely that Giffey sees the writing on the wall. Even if she can protect her degree from this round, it’s the third such investigation in as many years. This issue shows no signs of going away.

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A graduate studies student is allowed to take the removal exam if he or she has a grade of 50% or less but can still pass the subject. Flaming This is the act of sending someone an outrageously insulting message whether by private email or in a public posting, usually because you disagree with something they have said.

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