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Best Online Hospitality Management Degrees - Online Schools Report

Online hospitality management degrees provide students with flexible and practical ways to pursue a career in one of the nation’s largest and most profitable industries.

Learners study how different segments of the industry, such as lodging and restaurants, develop and interact. They also gain a practical understanding of the tools and strategies professionals use to succeed in restaurants, theme parks and entertainment centers.

Hospitality management is a broad category that also includes more specialized degrees, such as online restaurant management degrees or online hotel management courses. Depending on your career goals, one of these specializations may be a better fit for you than a general hospitality management degree.

Hotel Management Degree Overview
Online hospitality degrees develop basic management skills while emphasizing practical applications in the hospitality industry. These programs also provide practical knowledge of lodging and accommodation procedures, food and beverage regulations, tourism revenue, and event planning logistics.

Online hotel management programs cover the entire industry, but many schools also encourage learners to explore niche areas through electives on topics such as club and casino management, food and wine pairing and convention sales.

What can I expect from a bachelor’s degree program in hospitality management?
Courses vary from program to program, but most online hotel management programs offer courses similar to those listed below.

Hospitality Management Curriculum

  • Hospitality Law: This course introduces degree-seekers to the main legal issues that affect the hospitality industry. The class focuses on legal responsibilities related to travel and tourism and reviews bailment, food regulation, alcohol licensing, and safety concerns. Learners also study topics like innkeepers’ rights, contract law, and negligence.
  • Hospitality Services Marketing: Learners in this course study the main marketing techniques used in hospitality and tourism management with a focus on planning and consumer demand. Potential topics include segment marketing, distribution channels, and event promotion.
  • Revenue Management: This class develops foundational knowledge of revenue management and its applications in tourism and hotel administration. Learners study concepts like time-variable demand, perishable inventory, and fixed capacity constraints. Degree-seekers learn how to predict guest arrivals, analyze pricing models, and manage overbooking concerns.

Careers in Hospitality Management
Hospitality management professionals can work in industries such as food and beverage, lodging, entertainment, transportation and event planning. The following list outlines the most popular careers for online hospitality graduates, although some careers may require qualifications beyond a bachelor’s degree, such as certification or additional training.


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